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Spirit Life Circles


We are now offering a new weekly online mentoring, providing, fellowship and coaching in a small group. It will offer:


When we meet each week, in our small group online, we will each share a revelation that God has given us. As we share our dreams, visions, two-way journaling and prophecies; spiritual life will be kindled.

As we pray for each other, heart needs will be met through inner healing, deliverance, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits and prophesying.

The fire of God and faith will grow as we create this hot bed of spiritual activity.

This is no typical meeting since our focus is to invite and allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely and lead our time together.

Groups of 5 would probably meet for 90 minutes.

Look on communion with God ministries website using the following affiliate link to find out more information. There is a small cost but this should not prevent you participating. If the cost is a problem you have to let us know.

You will be informed when a group is ready to start, and all you will need to do at that point, is to go to Marks website using this affiliate link and sign up: and then open a free conference call account online.

This is Margaret’s affiliate link, Rebecca and Wiley in due course will have their own affiliate links.


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