Wednesday 14th April - Through the Bible Course

Now! Again, on Zoom, we've taught listening to God through learning how to hear him speak by the Holy Spirit, and now we want to encourage you to listen to God through the Bible.

This course called, Through the Bible, begins on Wednesday 14th April 3 pm - 4.30 pm.

A twelve-week course covering the Pentateuch: the first five books of the Bible. The course begins with an overview and explanation of how and why the writers give various parts of the Bible more attention than others. For twelve weeks, we then continue using helpful graphs to write a chapter title for each day, having meditated on the content of the word.

There is a simple question to answer each week, presented in essay form, and we end with a short multiple-question exam. It's an exciting journey as we work in a group sharing the insights God has given each of us as we have studied our chapters.

We can offer evening sessions if daytime is unsuitable.

For more information, go to Communion with God Ministries to hear Mark Virkler talk about the course and get a glimpse of the book's inside. Just type 'through the Bible' into the box on the top right of the front page.

Monday 14th of June - Naturally Supernatural

The cut-off date to book is the 10th of June. We will be teaching the course on Zoom. You will need to purchase the manual

for the course. Please visit our resource page to purchase any material needed for the course. The registration fee for Naturally Supernatural is £10. At the top of the resource page, click the Become a Partner tab and then click the Make a Donation button to pay for the course. If you purchase the manual, the registration fee will be £5. If you purchase the book and manual, the registration fee will be £1. Go to our contact page to book a place on the course.

The course runs for 3 weeks. Every Monday from 7.30 pm till 9 pm.